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Our primary aim for this project was to seamlessly relocate the existing furniture from the old office to a new space while meticulously planning the layout and implementing new furniture. Our goal was to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption by carefully orchestrating the move. We aimed to strategically space plan the new office, optimizing the arrangement of furniture to maximize functionality and facilitate efficient workflows. Additionally, we aimed to incorporate new furniture that would seamlessly blend with the existing pieces, maintaining a consistent colour scheme that matched the company’s brand identity. The objective was to create an inviting and cohesive workspace that reflected the company’s vision and provided a productive environment for its employees.


The project was a resounding success, exceeding our client’s expectations in multiple aspects. By flawlessly executing the relocation of the existing furniture, we ensured a seamless transition to the new office space, minimising downtime and disruption for the client’s operations. Our meticulous space planning resulted in an optimised layout that improved workflow efficiency and facilitated better collaboration among team members. The successful integration of new furniture, carefully selected to match the company’s colour scheme and aesthetic, created a cohesive and visually appealing workspace that embodied the brand’s identity. The client was delighted with the final result, as the revamped office not only met their functional needs but also showcased their commitment to a modern and stylish work environment. Ultimately, the project’s success was evident in the improved productivity, employee satisfaction, and positive impression it left on clients and visitors.

Calum and his team have provided an absolutely first class service to us, both on setting up our office two years ago and when moving to larger premises this year. Nothing has been too much trouble, the whole team is extremely accommodating and we will not look anywhere else next time we need any office furniture.

Paul McFadyen. Spectrum Wealth Group.

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