LVMH Phase 2

Through careful planning and design, we transformed the environment into a modern, efficient workspace.

Boardroom Table.

Improved the overall look and feel of the conference room to enhance the professional image of the company.

Newton Properties Glasgow.

We implemented cost-effective solutions while maintaining aesthetics and functionality.

Edi Meeting Rooms.

By updating the rooms with contemporary design elements, we created an atmosphere that fosters productivity and innovation.

LVMH Phase 1

Upgraded office space with a modern look and improved layout for increased productivity and comfort.

Livingstone Meeting Rooms.

We designed and installed custom meeting rooms that perfectly aligned with the company's color scheme and vision.

Fosters Funeral Care.

We successfully installed complete reception areas in over 15 parlors for the company, creating welcoming and professional first impressions.


The converted CEO office now stands as a symbol of leadership, providing a comfortable and inspiring workspace that reflects the company's values.