Bundle A

Bundle A is a simple but very practical workstation, for those who want a sleek and stylish desk and a medium mesh back chair

Includes: The Buena Workstation,
Otto Black mesh chair

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Bundle B

Bundle B is a simple but very practical workstation. Bundle B comes with our new range of workstations. This workstation comes with a built in pedestal.

Includes: The Conway Workstation,
Wave mesh back operators chair

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Bundle C

Bundle C is a collection of items into one bundle. This bundle is suited for those who spend a lot of time behind their desk.

Includes: The Lanta leather faux chair,
Hagen desk range, LED light pack, monitor arm

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Bundle D

Bundle D comes with an ergonomic desk and a Desk end pedestal which gives storage and further workspace.

Includes: The Bal mesh back chair,
The Brandt ergonomic desk range, Jardin desk end pedestal

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*Our Bundle packages are evaluated regularly. If none of the above meet your requirements
please contact us and we can look at create your own bundle.*