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Where we specialise in the planning and development of office workspaces


Newton Properties Glasgow

We implemented cost-effective solutions while maintaining aesthetics and functionality.


Upgraded office space with a modern look and improved layout for increased productivity and comfort.

Boardroom Table

Improved the overall look and feel of the conference room to enhance the professional image of the company.

Newton Property Management have been working closely with Think Office for over 10 years, and every single project has been an absolute pleasure. Everything from the communication, customer service, product quality to delivery and installation – everything is done with a smile! No project is too big or small for Think Office, we have placed orders for single furniture units, right up to full new office kit-outs (including space-planning!). Their service level does not change no matter which project they’re working on, they approach it with the same attentive and professional attitude. Think Office have now become a trusted partner for Newton, and we genuinely wouldn’t work with anyone else!

Kirsten O’Neill. Newton Property Management

Our Services

Family Values​

Emphasise the importance of family and community in all business decisions and actions.

Furniture Supplier

Collaborate with clients to create customised solutions that enhance the overall office environment.

Site Visits

Offer comprehensive site visits to fully understand and address client needs and preferences.

Designs & Plan

Create custom designs and plans for office spaces to optimise functionality and aesthetics.

Project management & Install

Coordinate with vendors and contractors to ensure timely and efficient delivery and installation of furniture.

Remove & Dispose

Ensure environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of materials.

We wanted to order several chairs and desks to fit out a new boardroom in our office and we asked Think Office to plan and develop a layout for this space. It is clear the guys at Think Office are very professional in their work They provide a very well communicated service which made us feel very confident in the development and delivery of the furniture. Everything went very smooth, from planning to execution, and everyone in the office loves the new setup. I would highly recommend Think Office to any company in need of new and improved workspace.

Alexander Greenlaw. Malcom

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